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Fine Arts

Bloom in Time

Medium:        Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Created on:  September 2022

I entered the 13-19 Art Price and created a piece entitled Bloom in Time. In this piece, I wanted to show today’s hectic society, and how we are obsessed with showing our successes that we sometimes do not give enough credit for the arduous journey we go through. I think the end result is important, but the process is crucial. That is why I painted a girl underwater to show that it is okay to not conquer something instantly. I wanted to show that we must survive and enjoy the process of our journey towards success. The blooming lotus flowers are there to depict our progress throughout the journey and it reminds us to be resilient just like these unique flowers rising from mud.

Spellbound Dwelling

Medium:        Watercolor on Paper
Created on:  February 2022

These four paintings come together as a series where I painted a magical fairyland. Each panel looks complete on its own but, aligned in a row is when the magic happens.

Dark Academia

Software:       Gouache
Created on:  May 2022

Dark Academia is a series of gouache paintings and digital edits with the same aesthetic

Harry Potter Bookmarks

Medium:        Watercolor
Created on:  October 2021

These are Harry Potter fanart turned into a bookmark series which I made for my brand @artsthetqiues_lab. I also made Marvel and Ghibli bookmark series. Each piece drawn and painted manually, cut meticulously by hand and finally, laminated to achieve the unique transparent look.

Starry Tides

Medium:        Linocut
Created on:  August 2022

These are linocut prints which I carve and printed out with different colors. It was very interesting to work in reverse and remove the parts which I want to keep white during printing

United Divergence

Medium:        Watercolor and Gouache
Created on:  March 2022

During the pitch I have envisioned creating a piece showing diversity, that is why this piece's title is United Divergence. I was lucky enough to selected as part of this exhibition organized by Laskar NAFA and with the theme Knock the Propaganda on Identity, I wanted to show the diverse races of Chinese Indonesians. How they cannot be labelled Chinese Indonesian just because they have fair skin or how they should be able to speak Mandarin despite growing up in Indonesia where Mandarin is not commonly used. This painting would also like to break the stereotype that all Chinese Indonesian are Buddhists, where in fact their religion is not limited to just that. But despite having various religions Chinese Indonesians adhere part of the Chinese culture as depicted in the painting. 



Medium:        Drawing Pen on Paper
Created on:  October 2021

The recreation of Maleficent in live action inspired me to create a piece using different rendering techniques

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