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No one limits what you can achieve if you believe

Marina Bay Countdown Singapore 2024

Dec 2023 | Winner of the Merlion Facade


I am very grateful to have my work awarded Winner of the Merlion Façade of this year’s Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2024. This illustration depicts the efforts made by Silver Voices and St. Luke’s Hospital to aid people with dementia and was projected on Merlion during the last week of December. In the illustration, I showed how art and music helps in improving cognitive abilities of those with dementia. With these improve abilities, those with dementia have a chance of reviving lost memories, thus building stronger relationships between them and their caregivers.


April 2023 | First Winner, under House of Mini Picture Book

Kamala is a storybook about a young Indian girl who is finding her inner beauty by embracing her unique culture. I used the lotus flower as a visual metaphor of her beautiful culture, this is because Kamala translates to lotus flower in Hindi.


This project is part of House of Mini Picture Books Cultural edition. Click the button to view more stories under the House of Mini Picture Books.

NAFA Scholarship

Academic Year 2023 - 20234 | NAFA Scholarship

I am very grateful for this scholarship because it truly shows the support school have always been giving me as someone who is passionate in the creative industry. This truly motivates me to break boundaries and reach new limits throughout my creative journey in and outside school.

Kidney Dialysis Foundation Calendar Design

Jan 2023 | First Prize

I created a series called Stellar for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation's 2023 Calendar. This series shows that we can break boundaries to achieve greater things together, that is why I have sea animals swimming in the sky which is out of their natural habitat. I also illustrated them as a pair to show that they could not have done it alone and how we should always support each other. This illustration is based on the theme Going Beyond. So, I have a total of 12 illustrations for the months and also created calendar layouts for each month.

Marina Bay Countdown 2023

Dec 2022 | Winner of the Fullerton Hotel Facade

Out of the stories curated by City of Good Singapore, I am inspired by two stories; Grant Pereira’s contribution to the botanic sector and the efforts made by Children's Cancer Foundation. So, I decided to merge those stories to create these children characters with flowers as their hair. This is to embrace and celebrate the challenges these children have gone through and shine hope for those who need it. 

Fullerton Hotel Draft 2_illustration.png
Projection pic.jpeg

Live On Festival 2022

Aug 2022 | 4th Place, Open Category

The theme for this year's Live On Design Competition is Expression or Everyday Things. So I decided to create a digital illustration showing how lungs would express themselves if they were to be failing. The title of this piece is Stifle because the lungs are submerged underwater to show that they are suffocating, and there are smoke swirling around showing that they are not working properly, and these smoke which will rise up to the surface shall be indicators for those having lung failure. These indications are expressions to highlight the importance of noticing the symptoms of organ failure which are not as obvious.

Tan Chin Tuan Merit Awards

Academic Year 2022 - 2023 | NAFA Merit Awards

I was fortunate to receive this scholarship after an interview with the people at Tan Chin Tuan Foundation. Now, I can focus more on my studies and help ease my parents' financial load. In addition, I am truly grateful for the support from Tan Chin Tuan Foundation and their contribution to my art journey. I am honored to be awarded this scholarship and I will try my best to give back to the community through my passions.

Knock the Propaganda Exhibition

Mar 2022 | Artwork exhibited for a few weeks at NAFA

During the pitch I have envisioned creating a piece showing diversity, that is why this piece's title is United Divergence. I was lucky enough to selected as part of this exhibition organized by Laskar NAFA and with the theme Knock the Propaganda on Identity, I wanted to show the diverse races of Chinese Indonesians. How they cannot be labelled Chinese Indonesian just because they have fair skin or how they should be able to speak Mandarin despite growing up in Indonesia where Mandarin is not commonly used. This painting would also like to break the stereotype that all Chinese Indonesian are Buddhists, where in fact their religion is not limited to just that. But despite having various religions Chinese Indonesians adhere part of the Chinese culture as depicted in the painting. 

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