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Graphic Design

NAFA 85th Anniversary Branding

Media:             Poster, Digital Posters, Booklet
Software:       Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Created on:  April 2023

A3 Poster Draft 1.jpg

From the theme Embracing our Past to Create the Future, I decided to go for a more graphical and futuristic approach to create the key visuals for NAFA’s 85th Anniversary. The plain flat colors represent the past. So, I created gradient-colored shapes from the basic flat colors, to show that by embracing the past we can create something more interesting for the future. Thus, I made little fireworks grow from these flat blocks of colors to show how we can shape a better future from the past by embracing it.

Zine back cover.jpg
Zine cover.jpg

In the Beyond

Media:             Zine
Software:       Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Created on:  May 2022

This zine is designed for introverts who find it comfortable staying in their own bubbles. I wanted to make a mini guide for them to break out of their comfort zones and explore new opportunities. With the key visual being bubbles, I want to show that something pretty and comfortable like a bubble will eventually break, so now is our time to venture out in the beyond.

Zine fear zone.jpg
Zine bookmark spread.jpg
Zine growth zone.jpg
Zine break free_edited.jpg
Zine Manifesto Poster.png
postcard hope 2.png
postcard perseverance 2.png
postcard resilient.png

Ignite to Victory

Media:             Postcards and GIFs
Software:       Adobe Photoshop 
Created on:  March 2022

Life challenges are obstacles are meant to be conquered. So, in the life journey of achieving success, there are some elements which should be implemented. The key elements needed for success are represented here, starting with ambition, control, creative mind, hope, perseverance and resilient. I used purple crystals as a visual metaphor to show that in order to make something beautiful, it requires a lot of pressure and time.

Raincloud rainbow.jpg


Media:            Photobook
Created on:  August 2022

Neverland isn’t place, it is a state of mind.

As we grow older, reality can be too chaotic, and so we all need a short escape in order to keep us going. These photographs embarks us on a journey to find our Neverland. Since Neverland is just a daydream away, and if dreams have the power to grant wishes, have you ever wished it could be everlast-ing? 

Cover front.jpg
Chalk Jenga 1.jpg
Chalk Jenga 2.jpg
Cover back.jpg
Chalk Jenga 3.jpg
Chalk Jenga 4.jpg
Mug Waterfall.jpg
Gouache Duck.jpg
Sakura Headphones.jpg
Scrabble Bowl Slanted Boat_wide shot.jpg
Balloons_pan out.jpg
Blue Chess Close up_top angle.jpg
Sea turtles_landscape.jpg
Cotton Duck_medium shot.jpg
Blue Chess.jpg

Mug Packaging

Media:             Packaging Design
Software:       Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Created on:  October 2022

In this project, I pretended to redesigned Typo's mug packaging by making it a collaboration between Disney, WWF and Typo. These mug are inspired by endangered animals and I chose Disney characters to represent those animals. This packaging is plastic free, uses minimal materials and ink colors making it eco-friendly. The mug comes with a handcrafted tea bag holder with their respective animals inside an origami fortune cookie. They are supposedly launched on Earth Day and 80% of the sales are donated to WWF to help these animals

Dumbo (Elephant)

Pascal (Chameleon)

Rajah (Tiger)

King Louie (Orang Utan)

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