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Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2023

Winner of the Fullerton Hotel Facade 
       Adobe Photoshop
Created on:  September 2022

Ethereality combines the words ethereal and reality. Ethereal meaning extremely delicate and light in a way that seems to not be of this world. And so, I wanted the title to mean that this is a beautiful, delicate reality that we are living because we have People of Good like Grant Pereira and Organizations of Good like Children’s Cancer Foundation. Ethereality is a proposed design to be projected on Fullerton Hotel for 2023's Marina Bay Countdown Singapore.

I am inspired by Grant Pereira’s devotion to Singapore’s botanic industry and touched by the heartfelt efforts from the Children’s Cancer Foundation. That is why I decided to combine those two stories to create illustrations of children having flowers for hair. Each flower represents emotions on which we should adhere for those children suffering from cancer, starting with youth (buttercup), precious (blue poppy), growth (dandelion), love (camellia), happiness (daisy), faith (aster), sympathy (peace lily), gratitude (hydrangea), devotion (lavender) and optimism (pink sakura). These children are in a beautiful wonderland to show how much the Children’s Cancer Foundation supported them to flourish, just like the beautiful gardens Grant have devoted his time to.


House of Mini Picture Books

1st Winner of the Young Artist Call (Cultural Edition)
Mini Book illustration
Software:       Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Created on:  July 2023

Kamala is a storybook about a young Indian girl who is finding her inner beauty by embracing her unique culture. I used the lotus flower as a visual metaphor of her beautiful culture, this is because Kamala translates to lotus flower in Hindi.


This project is part of House of Mini Picture Books Cultural edition. Click the button to view more stories under the House of Mini Picture Books.

Kidney Dialysis Foundation 2023 Calendar

Media:             Calendar
Software:       Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Created on:  September 2022

I created a series called Stellar for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation's 2023 Calendar. This series shows that we can break boundaries to achieve greater things together, that is why I have sea animals swimming in the sky which is out of their natural habitat. I also illustrated them as a pair to show that they could not have done it alone and how we should always support each other. This illustration is based on the theme Going Beyond. So, I have a total of 12 illustrations for the months and also created calendar layouts for each month.


The Joy of Missing Out


Media:             Comic Strip
Software:       Adobe Photoshop, InDesign 
Created on:  October 2022

This is my way as a designer to show embracing JOMO through a fun comic strip. The comic strip is designed like a brochure and people can scan the barcode to view the JOMO animated gif

JOMO Comic Strip.jpg
JOMO Comic Strip2.jpg
Art Print_howls.jpg
Art Print_ponyo.jpg

Ghibli Fan Art

Software:       Adobe Photoshop 
Created on:  August 2022

These are digital illustrations of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies which are Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. Drawn in my distinct art style to be made into art prints sold on one of NAFA's flea market.  There are also bookmarks drew digitally and printed out to complement the main digital illustration of each Studio Ghibli movie.

Checkout my small business on Instagram @thecloudstorey_

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