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It all starts here...

Jul 2020 - Apr 2021

Jan 2021 - Oct 2021

Studio Assistant 

 Qreate Studios

I was in Secondary 3 preparing for my IGCSE when the pandemic hit Indonesia badly in 2020 and so I have fully online school for 1.5 years. During this time, I spend my free time working at Qreate Studios, one of Indonesia's first resin art company. I enjoy cultivating my passion in a unique medium such as resin while making huge resin paintings, coasters, and many more. 

Artsthetiques Lab (on hold)

Small Business which was later rebranded to The Cloud Storey

Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

With so much free time and limited mobility, I also utilized my time to channel my passions in other aspects like this small business. I created handcrafted bookmarks, handprinted coasters, custom watercolor paintings to be framed as gifts and enamel pins all of which are sold online. Here, I discovered and acknowledge my burning ambition to create and so after earning my O-levels I decided to pursue my studies to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore taking Diploma in Graphic Communication.

Part-time Cake Decorator

Butter Studio

May 2022 - Jan 2023

After moving to Singapore for my diploma, I found many other interests because I was fully devoting my time for art specifically. So, I was able to get a job during my semester break in a kitchen decorating cakes. Decorating cakes is one of my hobbies I share with my mom as we used to bake cookies, cakes and even pastry back when I was in Indonesia. 

Part-time Art Teacher

Happy Art Loft

Oct 2022

Finished with my year 1 in Nanyang Academy of fine Arts, this started as something I do to fill my time during the academic year break but it quickly turned into a job that I love. I found joy in sharing my passions with kids form ages 6-14. It is very fulfilling to see them grow as I try my best to guide them through their unique artistic journey. That is why I decided to continue working during the weekends as I continue to the second year of my diploma.

Orchard Underpass Activation

in collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board

Jan 2023

I am among a group of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts students who are gathered to design a 30 meter mural to be displayed in the Lucky Plaza to Wisma Atria. We designed two sides of the underpass, one side shows the rich history of orchard and how it came to be. Meanwhile the other gives us a glimpse of what the future is like for Singapore's iconic Orchard Road. This project have been an interesting way to collaborate with fellow NAFA students and its large scale challenged me to go beyond my usual art pieces.

The Cloud Storey

Small Business (Rebrand of Artsthetiques Lab)

Several opportunities of opening a booth during Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts' Vibrancy Day and Open House made me realize the direction my small business is going. So I decided to rebrand Artsthetiques Lab to The Cloud Storey; selling more illustration merchandise, mainly Ghibli fanarts and some personally designed animal characters.

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