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Hello! I am 

Louise Emilie

I was born in Indonesia and I am currently living in Singapore.

Art was a part of me as soon as I was able to hold a pencil, and it has been one sketch after the next on drawing books. I often imagined the world as a realm where dreams come to life because this is escaping the basic reality. Over the years my experience allowed me to do explore different mediums from painting to digital illustration, design and even motion graphics. I enjoy doing a little of everything! Therefore, this shall be an opportunity for me to be versatile in the different disciplines of art, to adapt and learn in the process of exploring the creative industry.

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I seek beyond the ordinary

There is beauty in authenticity

Throughout my journey, I have aspired to be unique. And as an artist, I wanted to be able to see things from a different perspective and express wild imaginations to create enchanting visions. After further exploring my artistic abilities, I have developed a whimsical art style to express the neverland that I grew up in. I used key elements in many of my artworks, such as clouds and the sky, or the moon. But I am also intrigue in elements out of this world such as stars and galaxy across the universe.

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